A Domestic Referral Agency outsources jobs to independent domestic workers (Housekeepers-Professional Cleaners/Caregivers-Home Health Aides) who are registered and under contract with the referral agency. The domestic workers (Housekeepers-Professional Cleaners/ Caregivers-Home Health Aides) receive a 1099 at the end of each year; the domestic workers (Housekeepers-Professional Cleaners/ Caregivers-Home Health Aides) are not employees of the referral agency. Depending on the needs of the customer, supplies and equipment are provided by either the customer or the domestic worker. The Housekeepers-Professional Cleaners/ Caregivers-Home Health Aides provide professional domestic services, as requested by the customer.

A Domestic Referral Agency minimizes the customer's costs while maximizing the worker's income by outsourcing jobs to independent domestic workers, keeping the agency's overhead low. Domestic Referral Agencies also help reduce the Underground Economy, as these workers would be more likely to be working as "private" (Housekeepers-Professional Cleaners/ Caregivers-Home Health Aides) – it's a win-win-win For Everyone!

UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency is part of the largest, oldest referral organization, and we believe we are the most professional referral agency in California. The domestic workers (Housekeepers-Professional Cleaners/ Caregivers-Home Health Aides) we refer are not limited to the traditional housekeeping and caregiver chores and can perform essentially any task you'd like completed.

  • UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency local staff is available during normal business hours to answer any of your questions; we are dedicated to assisting you and you will not get the voice mail during normal business hours!
  • We match professional cleaners-housekeepers and homeowners, we also match housekeepers-professional cleaners with business owners, we even match caregivers and seniors. We listen to each individual client’s needs and then make the appropriate match using the list of services offered by the domestic workers (Professional Cleaners- Housekeepers / Caregivers-Home Health Aides)
  • Your housekeeper or caregivers works from your (not their) priority list. They use your cleaning supplies and equipment so that you know what products are being used in your home (unless otherwise requested), they passionately accommodate to all your needs.
  • Guaranteed Service.
  • Guaranteed substitute. We can send a substitute domestic worker (Professional Cleaners- Housekeepers / Caregivers-Home Health Aides) if your regular person is ill or has personal business.

UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency can react to same / next day service or schedule as far into the future as you'd like. This is all up to you! The majority of client's request their cleaning or caregiver to be scheduled during the week between the hours of 7am and 7pm; however, housekeepers and caregivers are available 7 days a week. You get to set up the schedule with your domestic workers (Professional Cleaners- Housekeepers / Caregivers-Home Health Aides).

At UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency to get the best home cleaning experience possible, we will refer one housekeeper or caregiver for a one-on-one relationship! Of course, we can refer multiple domestic workers for large jobs or just if your preference is having more domestic workers (and therefore have them less time) in your home. Your choice!

As cleaning is subjective and every client's priorities are different, we encourage all clients to fill out a priority list for their housekeeper!

In addition to cleaning your home or business establishment, did you know the professional cleaners-housekeepers will perform a variety tasks, such as:

  • Any / All Cleaning and Housekeeping Tasks
  • Ironing and Laundry / Organizing Closets
  • Running Errands / Shopping
  • Cleaning Patio / Garage
  • Helping with Yard Work / Gardening
  • Assisting at Parties (Serve/Clean-up)
  • Helping Pack / Unpack (Moving In/Out)

What services are offered by the caregivers?

UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency can provide you an assessment with a Certified Senior Care Manager to help you determine what home care needs you may need. A variety of services are offered by the caregivers and they include:

Companion Services

Companionship Services include keeping the client company and engaging the client in any number of activities, such as Conversation; Reading; Writing; Games; Crafts; Playing Cards; Walking; Planning, Cooking, and Serving Meals; Baking for Holidays and Special Occasions; Assist with Entertaining; Medication & Appointment Reminders; and Escort to Appointments, Visiting Friends & Neighbors; Shopping, Events, Plays, and Religious Services; and much more.

Home Services

Home Services include General Cleaning; Vacuuming; Dusting; Washing Floors; Washing Dishes; Laundry; Ironing; Changing Beds; Defrosting Refrigerators/Freezers; Cleaning Ovens/Stoves and China Cabinets; Caring for House Plants; Taking Out Garbage; Gardening; Oversee Home Deliveries and Home Maintenance; Caring for Pets including Feeding, Exercising, and Cleaning; and much more.

Personal Care Services

Personal Care Services include assisting the client with tasks such as Grooming (Hair Care, Shaving, Cleaning Teeth/Dentures; Makeup; Dressing) Hygiene (Tub, Bed or Sponge Baths; Showers; Toileting Activities) Mobilization (Turning, Lifts and Transfers, Exercising, Walking) Eating or Feeding, as well as Monitoring of Vital Signs such as Blood Pressures, Pulse and Respiration; and much more.

Alzheimer's Care

We work with you to establish safe and more comfortable environments, trusting relationships and techniques to maximize independence for as long as possible for those with Alzheimer's disease. Our specialized approach of encouragement and assistance helps family members cope with the challenges of Alzheimer's disease and other dementia illnesses.

Your housekeeper or caregiver will call you prior to your first service. To have the best experience possible, we encourage all clients to fill out a priority list for their housekeeper or caregiver!

Call Us Today for a Free Estimate or Click the Contact Us button to Send a Message!

You will receive a quote via email, as well as a follow up telephone call from our staff. If you prefer to speak with a staff member immediately, please call the number provided on your local office page. During normal business hours, you will always be able to reach our staff.

Discounted rates are available for:

  1. Clients who confirm regular service (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
  2. Members of the military and law enforcement (at participating locations)
  3. Seniors (at participating locations)

Every client's needs are different, so your housekeeper or caregiver will work from the priority list you create for them. If you unsure of how much care you may need our Certified Senior Care Managers CSCM can provide you with an assessment plan to help you determine what your care needs are.

This is entirely up to you. We highly recommend that once you have established / developed a relationship with a regular housekeeper, that you decide together the best arrangement for your situation. You can make arrangements for the housekeeper to enter without your being present, or not. It is all up to you.

Communication is key to making a great match! If you are pleased with the initial housekeeper referred to you, then at your option he or she can become your regular housekeeper. The most experienced housekeepers and caregivers are quickly booked by regular clients.

We suggest that you schedule repeat service based on your favorite housekeeper's or caregivers schedule and availability. If you are not satisfied for any reason, at any time, we want to know so we can make things right just for you. If at any time you have concerns regarding your service, we will work to resolve the issue. If an issue can’t be resolved, or a simply request, we will refer you a new housekeeper or caregiver who can better suit your needs. You are not alone; our goal is to relieve your stress!

We will do everything to ensure that our clients needs are met.

Most of our clients schedule service on a regular recurring basis (weekly, biweekly and monthly); however, housekeepers are also available for one time cleanings.

Simply call your local UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency office when you want to schedule a service – UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency can react to same day / next day service requests or schedule as far into the future as needed.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express, cash, money orders etc. for your convenience. In accordance with the law, any client fees collected by UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency is deposited into a trust account and then dispersed to the domestic workers.

We leave it all up to you. Tips are not required or mandatory, but they are always appreciated!

Please be considerate of your housekeeper or caregivers time. As Independent Housekeepers or Caregivers, their time is their money. If you must postpone or cancel a scheduled service, please notify UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency at least two (2) business days in advance. This will allow us the opportunity of finding your housekeeper or caregiver other work.

If you are unable to give a two (2) business day notice (Mon-Fri), there will be a $30.00 charge.

UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency is not the employer of the domestic workers it refers to you. The domestic worker may be your employee or an independent contractor depending on the relationship you decide to have with him or her.

If you direct and control the manner and means by which the domestic worker performs his or her work, you may have employer responsibilities, including employment taxes and workers compensation, under state and federal law.

For additional information, contact your local Employment Development Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

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If you believe something is missing from your home, please discuss this with your family to confirm. Once you are convinced the item is missing, UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency management would first encourage you to notify your local police department to investigate the matter.

Even though UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency is not responsible for theft and loss committed by its referred domestic workers, as an accommodation to our clients, if the remote possibility of a theft occurs; UltraClean Professional Cleaning Services Referral Agency Guaranteed Referral Plan will pay up to $3,000.00 per conviction, per incident.

In regard to damages, referred housekeepers and caregivers are independent and therefore responsible for damages. As with other workers in your home, your homeowner or renter’s insurance policy may provide you with coverage for theft or damage.


Each Time You Refer a Friend

  • your friend will receive 1 HOUR FREE on their first service!
  • you will receive 1 HOUR FREE on your next service!
  • who uses us twice within 5 weeks, you will receive 4 HOURS FREE on your next service!